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Welcome to Alternative Septic & Drainfield! Your trusted partner in comprehensive septic solutions. From installations and maintenance to expert repairs, we’re dedicated to ensuring your sewage systems run smoothly and efficiently. Dive in to discover how we can serve your needs and safeguard your property.

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Alternative Septic & Drainfield is Central Virginia’s foremost authority in septic system installation, repair, and upkeep. While the company was founded to focus on both conventional and alternative sewage disposal systems, its roots trace back further.

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Services Tailored to Your Needs: At Alternative Septic & Drainfield, we offer a diverse range of septic services designed to meet the unique requirements of every property. From initial installations and thorough inspections to routine maintenance and expert repairs, our team ensures your system operates at its peak. Explore our offerings below and find the perfect solution for your septic challenges.


Septic system installation is a crucial process that ensures efficient wastewater treatment for properties not connected to municipal sewer lines. It involves placing a septic tank and drainfield underground, where waste is naturally processed and safely returned to the environment.


Septic system maintenance is essential for a healthy home environment. Regular check-ups and timely interventions prevent backups, protect groundwater, and extend the lifespan of your system. Trust in routine care to keep things flowing smoothly.


Over time, components can wear out or become damaged, leading to potential environmental hazards and costly breakdowns. Regular inspections and timely repairs by professionals ensure the longevity of your system, safeguarding both your property and the environment.


What Our Happy Clients Said

I reached out to Alternative Septic & Drainfield when my septic system started showing signs of trouble. Their team was prompt, professional, and had everything running smoothly in no time. I can't recommend them enough!

Joe C.
Moneta VA

Having recently moved to a property with a septic system, I was clueless about its maintenance. The experts at Alternative Septic & Drainfield not only serviced my system but also educated me on its upkeep. Truly top-notch service!

Liam R.
Lynchburg VA

Alternative Septic & Drainfield handled the installation of our new septic system, and the process was seamless from start to finish. Their team's expertise and dedication to quality work are evident. I'm confident we made the right choice!

Elena K
Charlottesville VA